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Star Quality Swing Sets, LLC BBB Business Review

For more than a decade, Star Quality Swings has been crafting vinyl playsets and bringing countless hours of enjoyment to children all across the nation. Our family-owned and operated business based in Lancaster County PA is committed to creating safe and durable swing sets for your children or grandchildren.

Studies show that having your child play outside improves their cognitive and social/emotional development. It also increases attention span, improves sensory skills, and builds better immunity, as well as happier children! Here at Star Quality Swings, we strive to build fine quality, affordable play sets to help your child reap all those benefits.

Our playsets are carefully planned to fill all available space with activities that will expand your child’s creativity and let the playset become anything they can imagine!

We use only the highest quality materials to ensure safe, durable playsets, that will provide years of enjoyment to you and your family.

Featured Swing Set Series

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Sky Climber Series

Playstation Playplace & Swingset 2

The Space Station Series

Orbit Nebula Climber E-34 Swingset Alt

Double Star Tower Series