Making Childhood Dreams Come True

For more than a decade, Star Quality Swingsets has been crafting vinyl playsets and bringing countless hours of enjoyment to children all across the nation. Our family-owned and operated business based in Lancaster County PA is committed to creating safe and durable swingsets for your children or grandchildren.

We invite you to browse our extensive product line and see our many options, both in colors and configurations. All of our swingsets are made with pressure-treated wood, vinyl coverings for safety, powdered coated corner brackets and stainless steel hardware. We stand behind our work and your maintenance-free swingset choice will be backed by a 5 Year Warranty. We look forward to helping you find the perfect swingset for your family today!

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Featured Swingset Series

Star Tower Series

Stardust E-52 Swingset

Sky Climber Series

Playstation Playplace & Swingset 2

The Space Station Series

Orbit Nebula Climber E-34 Swingset Alt

Double Star Tower Series