Star Swings Warranty

This warranty is limited to sets that are installed correctly, And used in a normal residential environment. Relocation or alteration in any form of the original product(s) will void your warranty.

Star Quality Swings warrants to the original purchaser at the original installed location, that the swing sets structural components will be free of defects for a twenty year period from the date of purchase. All accessories such as slides, swing, canopies, And more will be free from defects for a 5 year period from the date of purchase.

Star Quality Swings makes no guarantees or warranties regarding the appropriateness or fitness of the product(s) sold. The warranty covers defects in manufacturing only, And does not cover normal wear And tear, damage or malfunction resulting from lack of proper care or maintenance, damage resulting from misuse or abuse of the products, or any act of nature including but not limited to flooding, hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, or lightening.

In the event of product failure, Star Quality Swings will examine the swing set, And recover any applicable product(s). Star Quality Swings will remedy any defects in a timely manner, by repairing the product, replacing the product, or refunding the defective product’s value to the original purchaser.


Over years of usage your swing set may become dirty looking. To revitalize and clean its appearance, with a soft bristled brush, warm water and glass cleaner, gently clean your swing set.