Why Buy Star Quality Swing Sets?

We Can Guarantee a Quality-Made Swing Set

Star Swings not only gives you options when it comes to your swing set – it also gives you peace of mind. When your children are playing on their swing set, you want to know that they will be safe.

Our swing sets are also durable – they are built to last for generations, so your children can enjoy playing outside for their entire childhood. We use only the finest quality materials so not only will your swing set last, but it will also look brand new year-round. Made with pressure-treated wood, vinyl coverings for safety, powder coated corner brackets and stainless steel hardware, Star Swing sets are built to last.

Why Buy Vinyl Play Set?
Vinyl is virtually maintenance-free creating a crisp, color-coordinated look that will remain attractive for many years. Because our swing sets are made entirely of vinyl, it guarantees no splinters and is more comfortable on very warm days.

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