Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the Vinyl Turn Yellowish with Time

A. No. Here at Star Quality Swings we use only high quality vinyl that includes a highly effective UV resistant component specifically engineered to keep it from yellowing.


Q. How Hard is it to Maintain Your Playsets

A. Star Quality Swings loves this question! We love the answer even more! Maintenance is almost unneeded! From time to time, as any outdoor toys do, it needs washed off. However, you don’t need harsh cleaners! A hose, glass cleaner, and a soft bristle brush will do the trick!


Q. What Prep is Required Before Installation

A. We recommend that the site be leveled before delivery, not only for appearance, but also for safety. Prepare an area with at least an extra three foot space on each side of the playset. Not having a properly leveled area will void the warranty.

Q. How Strong is The Vinyl

A. The vinyl we use has five times the tensile strength of wood, and four times the flexibility of wood!


Q. Why Do You Cover the Wood

A. By covering the wooden structural elements of the play set, it keeps the stability without the maintenance. No one wants to re-stain or re-paint a play set every year! Covering the wood also keeps all splinters non-existent. Keeping the wood covered also preserves the wood, which makes our play sets last for many, many fun-filled years to come!